reuse reduce recycle

At Interior WooDesigns, we are on a mission to be GREEN, and reduce our carbon footprint.  

In an effort to minimize our environmental impact, we use many products and building supplies comprised of recycled materials.  

In addition to the products and building materials, we also are constantly monitoring Material Waste and Reducing usage when possible.  Using state of the art Computer Aided Machinery(CAM) and precision optimization software, allows us to limit our waste factor and ensure our clients the “best bang for their buck.”  Additionally, it also helps us to competitively price each fixture in an efficient and timely fashion.

At Interior WooDesigns we limit our use of hard woods by using man made composite woods unless specified by the customer, and Do Not Support or Use Exotic Wood Species Derived from any Rain Forest.  With an abundance of wildlife that inhabits Rain Forest, and the rapid depletion of these habitats, Interior WooDesigns will not build fixtures using materials from these parts of the world.

While the bi-product of wood store fixture manufacturing is saw dust, it is our long term green goal to become a supplier of saw dust for renewable energy sources.  Since biomass technology is still being developed, we hope one day to contribute our bi-product to renewable energy, minimize our operational waste, and reduce our environmental impact immensely.

Becoming “Green” is very important to us.  So as we look to the future, becoming more environmentally friendly is a top priority with every decision we make.