Featured Employee

jeff - featured employee - july2012Jeff has worked at Interior WooDesigns since July 2006 and been dedicated through thick and thin.  Eager to please with an appetite for learning, Jeff is a lead Rover Engineer in our millwork department.  Although he typically is operating a Rover, he often can be found running parts through the Edgebander, operating one of the Selco Saws, or running parts through the Dowel machine.  Being versed with all of the machinery allows Jeff to be very versatile throughout the shop, and be utilized where needed.

When Jeff is not at Interior WooDesigns, he can be found weightlifting at the gym, watching Soccer on TV, or playing video games.  Although Jeff claims he is boring, as a sibling with 4 sisters and a brother, the father of a son who lives in Indiana, and the former student of Purdue University where he studied Engineering, Iím sure Jeff isnít as boring as he claims.  As a native from Chicago, Illinois we welcome Jeff to the Interior WooDesigns team and appreciate all you have done over the past 10 years.