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Meet Our Team

Mike Lovell


After 2 years of college, then serving in the Marine Corps from 1961 to 1965, Mr. Lovell went to work for Beall’s Department Stores (FL) as a manager trainee, moving up to an assistant manager, then manager, and eventually a buyer. Beginning in 1975, Mr. Lovell learned the cabinet manufacturing business from the ground up in his father’s cabinet shop in Tampa, FL. In 1987, upon his fathers retirement, Mr. Lovell with the encouragement and support of Bob Beall, formed Interior WooDesigns. Since 1987, Beall’s Department Stores has remained a primary customer of Interior WooDesigns.

Mike Monaghan

Vice President

Mr. Monaghan has been a partner with Interior WooDesigns since 1990. With a background exclusively in the retail and store fixture industry, he is knowledgeable of best practices and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Prior to joining Interior WooDesigns, Mr. Monaghan began his career with Beall’s Department Stores (FL) in store management, warehouse management and corporate operations, while concentrating mostly on New and Remodeling Construction. He also spent some time with Steinmart in store management before coming to work for Interior WooDesigns in 1988. Mr. Monaghan holds a B.S. degree from the University of South Florida in Business Administration.

Michael Monaghan

Operations Manager

Michael graduated from the University of South Florida in 2008, with his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Since graduation, he has worked in the internet marketing industry, the automotive industry, and came to work for Interior WooDesigns in 2011. As the Operations Manager, he oversees the company website and social media, as well as other marketing initiatives, and day to day business operations. Since efficiency plays a huge role in our business equation, Michael monitors efficiencies throughout the organization, and works to mitigate those areas in an effort to increase production. With Michaels management and marketing background, he is determined to add value to the organization and stimulate the growth of Interior WooDesigns one day at a time.

Sylvester Williams

Plant Manager

With more than 30 years experience, Mr. Williams brings a level of knowledge one can’t be taught overnight. Having worked for several fixture companies, he has obtained knowledge and skills that have helped him rise through the ranks. While learning all aspects of the fixture manufacturing process, he has held the assistant plant manager position, plant manager, and owner/operator titles. Mr. Williams joined the Interior WooDesigns Team in 2008 as Assistant Plant Manager, and has held the plant manager position in our Bradenton location since 2009.

Paul Gillen

IS/IT Department Manager

After graduating high school, Paul joined the Army Reserves, before coming to work for Interior WooDesigns in 2002. Joining Interior WooDesigns as a general laborer, Paul has worked himself up through each of the departments in the shop and has a complete understanding of the shop operations. As a member of the Army Reserves, Paul was deployed in 2003 for Operation Enduring Freedom where he served an 18 month deployment. After completion of his mission, Paul continued his tenure at Interior WooDesigns, where he became a department leader, assistant plant manager, and role model for fellow employees. With an incredible talent and understanding of computers, Paul has been serving as IS/IT Manager since 2005.

Chris Bilek

Purchasing Manager

With an established family cabinet business, Mr. Lovell upon graduating high school began working full time under his father’s authority in 1962. Mr. Lovell has a tremendous passion for custom woodworking and learned every aspect of his fathers cabinet business beginning as a floor sweeper and moving on up as a finishing woodworker, installer, and eventually a shop foreman. Upon his Dads retirement in 1987, Mr. Lovell continued the family business in Tampa until 1995, when Interior WooDesigns acquired the Tampa operation. Since 1995, he has been the Tampa Plant Manager and currently is the Purchasing Manager at our Bradenton, Florida location. Mr. Lovell brings great experience and expertise to our team at Interior WooDesigns that is priceless.