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Our Process

See exactly what happens once you place an order with Interior WooDesigns, Step By Step.

1. Design

When a customer orders, we design the requested fixture exactly to customer specs. Every option on every aspect of the piece is custom designed and built to the client’s specifications. Here we see rough sketches along with some information about design requirements for a cash wrap. We use Solid Manufacturing CAD/CAM software to turn what’s on paper into a virtual3D design of the fixture. The client then has the opportunity to change colors or features. Working with the customer, we tweak the design until it’s just right. There’s considerable cost savings in making these changes now, before a single piece of wood is cut.

2.1 Beam Saw

Here’s the wood for the fixture being cut on the beam saw. Large sheets of wood are turned into sizes and shapes that will be further refined later in the process. We can cut any size sheet with this saw up to 5 feet wide X 12 feet long, and up to 3¼” thick. We can cut multiples of the same part by stacking sheets of material up to that 3¼” limit. This saw is computer driven and is networked into the CAD/CAM software. It knows how each piece fits into the final assembly and it prints barcode labels for each. These barcodes contain all the instructions for the remainder of the process to build the finished fixture.

2.2 Edgebander

This machine laminates over any raw edges on the material, creating a smooth, clean looking surface.

2.3 CNC Machining Center

This computer numerical control (CNC) machine reads the barcodes affixed to each piece of material and drills, mills, routes and shapes it into its final form, ready for assembly.

3. Assembly

Parts for this cash wrap arrive at an assembler’s bench. Here the assembler is creating the radius front by attaching bending plywood to the contoured framework.

4. Lamination

After the fixture is assembled, laminates are applied to cover all screws, fasteners and remaining raw edges. The piece in the forefront has been laminated and is ready to be filed and cleaned. To the right you can see the waterfall top of the cash wrap, prep’d and waiting for laminate to be applied.

5. Shipping

After final assembly, we carefully palletize our fixtures to ensure they arrive on time and undamaged. With less than 1% of our fixtures being damaged during transportation, this is a crucial part of our process. When damage does occur, we act immediately and give repairs priority to ensure the fixture or parts arrive as quickly as possible. Since we understand the importance of your schedule, we do everything we can to meet it.

6. On Location

As part of the Interior WooDesigns Experience we follow up with each of our clients to ensure the order arrived on time, and that the fixtures meet their expectation. We like to call this the “Happy Customer Moment” often exceeding client expectations, and also learning of ways we might enhance or improve the fixture for subsequent orders of the same fixture. If a customer decides they would like to make changes for future generations of the fixture, we input those changes into the software, where they will be reflected in the 3D drawings, parts list, cut lists, and price. New renderings are then emailed to the client to verify the changes, and are ready to be processed for the next order.